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ok monday messers and new years cleaners.  are you all still in a crazy cleaning and organizing mode?  i’m still riding the wave with little pauses here and there.  while i’d love to make a total overhaul and rid my house of a quarter of it’s contents, i have 5 others to contend with and they just won’t have it.  and while i get rid of some things, someone, or the other, is always bringing in the next thing.  i’m resigning to this give and take and hoping that little ones are watching and picking up on this process of giving, organizing, and mindfulness, and that perhaps as they each get older and there will be more of an effort to continue this ritual as well as buying only quality things and in which you love and, of course, need.

but back to the cleaning.  do you use all green products?  i don’t.  i should but i don’t.  where i live there aren’t a lot of great options.  and truth be told, some traditional products just work better.  but this year, i’m going to try to change up my arsenal.  since i’m always looking for resources on anything and everything, i came across this cleaning post on Rip + Tan (a new go to, for me, thank you joslyn) which is a great starting point and reference.  i thought you might love it just as much as i did.  and holy cow… if i could only buy gorgeous cleaning utensils like that (pictured above).

you can see the rest of jenni kayne’s (Rip + Tan) overly awesome organized home, right here.

so do you use all natural cleaning products?  and do you have any favorites. one of my favorites (as pictured in jenni’s post is bar keepers friend).

and on the subject of monday mess, i’ll be starting back up in the next month or so featuring other people’s messes again.  so stay tuned!

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  • Rozanna
    Commented on January 16th, 2013 at 3:08pm

    hello there Trina, i used to have a cleaning liquid for everything until i found a book called “how to clean’ during a bltz trip to canada. now, i have fairy dishwasher for my kitchen counters and for the floors and general, a product called frosch (has a picture of a frog on it). no more unnecessary cleaning liquids which is what advertisers have skillfully manage convince us as being indispensable. i use a “real live ” lemon to disinfect my kitchen counters. just smiling to myself, had to go all the way from europe to canada to learn that. take Trina. thank you for the time and love you invest in La la Lovely.

  • Rozanna
    Commented on January 16th, 2013 at 3:27pm

    hi there Trina, i found a book during a blitz trip to canada called “how to clean”. prior to reading this book (yip, i need to get a life i know), i used to have alot of cleaning liquids, now i only have fairy dish washer which i use for my kitchen counters. for floors i use an organic liquid called frosch. all the other things are just advertising. i disinfect my kitchen counters with a ‘real live’ lemon, a trick i learned from a sushi master. to keep my wood dining room table shiny, i warm olive oil and rub it in to the wood … not too much otherwise all the excess oil remains on the surface. i then rub the table with a nice soft, clean cloth afterwards. gives a beautiful shine.
    take care trina.

  • Trina
    Commented on January 19th, 2013 at 9:46pm

    love these tips! thanks for sharing them! xo . t

  • Jessica
    Commented on January 20th, 2013 at 12:57am

    I love Method products- their multi- purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and bathroom cleaner are all great and work really well, and of course smell great. I also use their laundry soap. I love that it’s concentrated and doesn’t take up a lot of space in my tiny laundry room! I also love Seventh Generation dish soap. If you can’t get them in your area, I would maybe just try or I think if it’s over $50 the shipping is free. And for what it’s worth, my boyfriend was totally anti-green cleaners because he’s a neat freak and thought they wouldn’t work, but now he’s a total convert! :) I love your blog, thanks for all the great inspiration! XX Jessica

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