monday mess * design crush

i’m so happy to have kelly, of design crush, share her monday mess.  i’ve long been a fan of design crush.  when it comes to all things design, kelly knows whats going on.  i’m so glad i’ve had a chance to chat with kelly at ALT, in years past,…she is as nice as can be! […]

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monday mess * post thanksgiving

how are you holding up friends?  was thanksgiving crazy?  restful?  busy? thankful?  i’m kinda feeling the word to describe my thanksgiving is blurr.   i tried to be present but with 15 extra people visiting for the week, i feel like everything was in fast forward.  i wish i could have sat down and had […]

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monday (tues, wed, thur, fri, sat, sun) mess

happy monday.  this is the state of my playroom.  nothing unusual.   saturday i spent all day taking photos of my home for a home tour.  i worked tirelessly (with the help of my sister) to get every room in order.  styling things, a bit, and then snapping away.  i captured images.   some are light and bright and […]

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monday mess * random

some random monday mess (ness) for you. i think i’d happily jump into any of these photos today.  are you finding yourself dealing with a mess today?  sometimes when the weekend was just so good (or so bad) it just carries over into monday, yes? images : mokkasin / henry busby / we heart it

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monday mess * simple lovely

you know joslyn from simple lovely, yes?  if you don’t than i feel pretty honored to introduce you.  simple lovely was one of the first blogs i started reading, years ago, and one that i still follow today.  the thing i love most about joslyn’s blog, besides her impeccable (and, i mean impeccable) style is her thoughtful writing.  joslyn has the […]

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monday mess * moments

yes, you’ve likely seen my nightstand before.  i wish it was a something like a stool with one book resting upon it, just so.  then there would be an, industrial like, light attached to the wall and one lone little saying taped up just beside it.  it would be simple, clean and functional. but instead, […]

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monday mess * my 2nd desk

here is a confession.  i have not one desk in my bedroom but two.  have you heard of such a thing?  one desk in a bedroom is a debatable topic, but two?  it all started because i switched out my desk for a parsons desk  i had sitting in another room.  only problem is, that i had […]

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monday mess * creating order

another monday, another mess.  yes? i know these photos don’t portray a mess of any kind but, you’ll see. truly, i could share from a variety of messes i have going on.  one being my car, after a 12 hour road trip with 6 people.  but, i’ll spare you of that.  we spent last week […]

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monday mess * sixth street design school

i’m happy to feature kirsten krason of sixth street design school  for today’s monday mess.  kirsten is a momma of two, a blogger and an interior designer.  i love kirsten’s colorful style which often includes beautiful textiles.  i loved her recent series, good design with kids in mind, and the reveal of  her new land […]

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monday mess * a solution

  one major problem area in our house is the kitchen table and floor.  first of all, it is a dumping ground for everything.  we are people that pile.  no matter how hard i try not to, and how much i teach my little la las not to, it happens (i’ll take piler confessions in […]

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