monday mess * lindsay letters

by now, i’m sure most of you know lindsay of lindsay letters.  she is a talented artist and friend and i’m super thrilled to feature her on monday mess.  i’ve known lindsay for a few years and she is lovely.  besides having a super talent for hand lettering she is a super kind, generous and […]

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monday mess * hollywood housewife

i found out about laura, affectionately known as the hollywood housewife, from a good friend who reads her blog daily.  laura is a small town oklahoma girl turned hollywood housewife,  for reals.  i quickly took a liking to laura and her blog as she is a writer at heart and lover of books.  her posts […]

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monday mess * honest cleaning

it’s monday which means there’s usually talk of messes.  today, i thought it would be fun to chat about un-messing.  and by un-messing, i mean cleaning.  like it or loathe it?  it’s debatable, i know.  it’s one of those jobs that is never fully done and starts un-doing the minute it’s done.  so let’s discuss. […]

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monday mess * camille styles

if there is the slightest chance you don’t know camille than it is my pleasure to introduce you!  camille is the founder and lady behind camille styles (and yes that is her real name) which happens to be a favorite stop for all things entertaining, food and beauty.   if you want to know how to […]

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monday mess : a workspace

sometimes the messier the better?  yes?  i love a space that looks worked in.  especially when there is creative work involved.  my eyes find no offense or annoyance in this kind of chaos.  i’m only left with curiosity and interest.  i’d like nothing more than to comb over every little bit of something or anything […]

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monday mess * meg biram

many of you probably already know, meg.  she penned the popular blog mimi + meg which she recently transitioned over to meg biram – the edit.  meg doesn’t just author a blog.  she consults, designs t-shirts, and creates beautiful abstract art pieces.  her latest endeavor is called the b bar which is all about cocktails […]

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monday mess of the easter kind

it’s monday and guess what?  there is a mess.  an easter mess to be exact.  i thought you might like to see what transpires when four little la la’s rip through their easter baskets.  of course, since easter colors and candies are so colorful it’s a mess that is kind of fun to look at […]

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monday mess * a daily something

welcome to another monday mess.  today, the lovely rebecca from a daily something is sharing her mess … which i think is a beautiful (+ productive one).  rebecca and i haven’t met in real life but i’m pretty certain we’d be fast friends.  she is a sweetheart and has super great style.  besides being a blogger, […]

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Monday Mess * Erin Loechner

i’m so thrilled to start this series back up  with one of my absoulte favorites and probably yours too, erin loechner from design for mankind + design for minikind.  erin has long been an inspiration to me and i know many of you.  she has a keen eye for design, a way with words and is one […]

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