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if there is the slightest chance you don’t know camille than it is my pleasure to introduce you!  camille is the founder and lady behind camille styles (and yes that is her real name) which happens to be a favorite stop for all things entertaining, food and beauty.   if you want to know how to throw a beautiful party than camille is your girl.  she has mad entertaining skills and doesn’t miss a detail.  her site is one of my go to’s and i’m pretty sure it will become one of your’s too.  thanks for sharing your mess, camille!

clean it

I’m a major card-sender and letter-writer, and I’m a total sucker for beautiful stationery – (if it happens to be letterpressed, even better!) The only problem? Organizing my growing collection and keeping it from getting out of control! I’d like to setup a system for corralling cards by occasion, so that when I need a birthday, thank-you or congratulations card, I can easily see all my options. I’m thinking that a file system might be my best bet…

leave it2

camille styles monday mess 3

Since the office is on one side of my house, our dining room table often becomes my team’s “conference room” (or photo studio, or break room, depending on the day.) A typical Monday morning brainstorm session usually ends up with magazine tears, stacks of books and lots of coffee cups strewn about, and I actually kind of love it. This photo (above)  is a visual illustration of all the creativity and productivity that is happening!

believe it


i’m curious … does anyone else collect stationery and cards?  i do and, i have to say, my supplies are all squished in a drawer and i always find myself buying double because i don’t first check my disorganized stash.  thanks to camille, i’m definitely thinking about a filing system now too.  how do you keep your stationery and such organized?  i’d love to know.

images :  1 + 3 by Suzy Q / 2 + 4 by Camille Styles



  • jacquelyn |lark&linen
    Commented on May 6th, 2013 at 8:25am

    Of course Camille Styles’ mess is beautiful!!

  • Colleen K
    Commented on May 6th, 2013 at 11:24am

    What a lovely post!! It’s so nice to see some of the behind the scenes inspiration behind Camille and her team.

    I’m a total sucker for letterpress greeting cards. A few years ago, while walking through the Container Store, I came across one of these ‘Clear Card Keepers,’ Life changing, I tell you. I’ve gifted at least 5 of them to friends since and there is no going back! The only problem is that when the files tend to get tight, I want to go out and buy another one – and collect more cards – instead of sending them and paring down.

  • Alyssa
    Commented on May 20th, 2013 at 9:22pm

    Would love to hear about what you come up with for a file system. I have a bag of cards that just sits in my office until I need it, but it is in no way organized!


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