monday mess of the easter kind

monday-mess easter_La La Lovely monday-mess-easter2_La-La-Lovely

it’s monday and guess what?  there is a mess.  an easter mess to be exact.  i thought you might like to see what transpires when four little la la’s rip through their easter baskets.  of course, since easter colors and candies are so colorful it’s a mess that is kind of fun to look at (at least on the computer screen).  i finally managed to get the candy carnage cleaned up last night.  and while that area is under control,  the rest of the house seems to be disorderly.  and lets not even mention the basement.  that is more along the lines of disastrous.  but alas, it is spring break and i think it’s a loosing battle so i’ll just raise the flag and admit defeat.  do you know the feeling?



we went from mis-matched pajamas (luke just likes to mix every random pair possible? and yes, i just realized that liam brave has on christmas pajamas, that are too small) to their easter outfits.


to see our easter photos . . .




i have a busy few weeks ahead.  i’m working on the decor and design for original conference, it’s spring break, many deadlines at the moment, and i’m working hard to get the e-mail subscription, feedly / bloglovin feed up and running again.


what about you, lovelies?  how was your easter?  are finding any messes to be sorted today?  is it a busy season for you?

and i’m curious…what is your favorite easter candy?  i love the whopper mini eggs + yes, even a peep or two!



  • Nancie Bee
    Commented on April 1st, 2013 at 10:23pm

    WHOPPERS! malted milk ball little eggs. I no longer buy them because I have been known to eat an entire bag -at one sitting. Eek!

  • Trina
    Commented on April 2nd, 2013 at 7:59am

    i know.. they are so dangerous!!!

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