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this week.  well, everyone is still getting over their colds, including me.  no fun.  in fun news, i did get to spend a day out shopping by myself (thank you mom) which was so nice.  i was suppose to go to ikea to get organizational things for my closet (that is still a disaster) and i never made it there.  i took way too long at the mall getting things i didn’t really need but pretty much love (more on that next week).  oh, well!  sometimes it’s good to just wander a bit.  but, i still need to get to ikea.  i may try to brave it tomorrow with all four little la la’s.  maybe.  because, did i mention that spring break starts tomorrow?  and, i’m not gonna lie, i’m a little afraid of it.  i wish i could tell you that i have this activity planned and that craft organized but i don’t.  i’m in survival mode.  you know the feeling, right?  sometimes it just good to admit these things.

and in the midst of surviving i am almost forgetting that this weekend is easter.  candies.  yes.  cute outfits.  yes. time with family. yes.  but for me easter is about…new life.  hope.  second chances.  and love.  and i wish you all of those things this easter weekend, lovelies!

on another note, if you subscribe via e-mail i’ve heard that the e-mails aren’t going out.  i’m working on it and will have the issue resolved soon.  thanks for your patience!


01 / we haven’t done a thing w/ eggs yet but this is the plan.
02 /  by some sweet potatoes this weekend + make these (trust me!).
03 /  i’m super happy for this lovely lady.
04 /  i love every detail this playroom + this living room both designed by emily.
05 /  are you already thinking about getting in shape for summer?
06 /  this monday’s mess was a pretty one.


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