yellow, the new neatural

Color Trend Yellow | La La Lovely

this post was really unplanned.  i was going to share a few items that i’m really loving these days (some new, some old)….but last night i participated in pin party where the subject was pops of color.  i quickly started seeing a color trend in my own pins, as well others and that color was . . . yellow.  i think it is the new neutreual.  i say that because, although, yellow is a bright color, it is being used in very white, simple modern / vintage modern settings.  now maybe, i am late to the party?  i know pops of yellow have been around for awhile (my front door has been yellow for a few years now, after all) but i think now, it is worked in anywhere and everywhere making it the new neutral, if you will.

Yellow 3 | La La Lovely

i also saw a lot of pink (which you all know i love) and pink paired with yellow, to be specific.  i mean, really, i should say that the new color neautrals are a recipe consisting of one white and airy space, add a dash of yellow or pink or equal parts of the two combined, used sparingly and with a pinch of whimsy. voîla + enjoy!

yellow + pink | La La Lovely


yellow | La La Lovely

what do you think?  are you noticing this color trend too?  would you use pink or yellow (or both) in your home?  what color trends are you noticing?

Interior stairs and pink wall of Purdy Devis Residence

ps- i painted a pink square on my fireplace and… it gets a lot of compliments.  i think this idea for your fireplace is really rad if you dare :

yellow fireplace | La La Lovely

and if you are more subdued than this one will do :

yellow fireplace 2 | La La Lovely

you can see more from the pops of color pinboard here.

it was fun pinning with you Land of NodThe Honest CompanyCupcakeMagCoconut Robot,  Casey Wiegand Ruffled Snob,  and The Inspired Room,

images / plantefur / yatzer / dwell / sweet lemon mag / moody’s home / cheap + chic nursery / pink fridge  / oy oy



  • Katie
    Commented on March 27th, 2013 at 3:00pm

    So true! I was noticing that during the pin party as well. Check out Honest to Nod tomorrow for a black/white blog post with pops of yellow. Funny timing!

  • Trina
    Commented on March 28th, 2013 at 9:09am

    i’ll def check out the post. i love yellow and black and white!

  • Olga@StardustDecorStyle
    Commented on April 8th, 2013 at 4:12am

    Love that color, so bright and fun! It makes happy whenever I see it!

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