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happy friday!  did you survive the first week back in the swing of things?  it was rough getting up early, again, but we can’t complain too much since school was cancelled monday and tuesday due to frigid temps (its 30 today + it feels like a heatwave).  i’m already missing endless lounging  and doing nothing but watching shows or reading books.  anyone else?

i didn’t take many pictures over break.  i snapped a few photos on christmas morning, this one (above) being my favorite.  don’t tell my other littles, but liam brave was my favorite this year.  every single time he, whole heartedly, tore into a gift, he, high pitched, squealed with delight and yelled “oh yeahhhhh, this is exactly what i wanted.  i always knew i was going to get this.”  like, even if it was sox or something that he didn’t ever mentioned that he wanted.  it was all magicky.  the best kind, you know.

the one and only other shot i snapped was completely candid.  i caught rocco climbing  the counters, and, yes, as you can see digging in the medicine cabinet (for vitamins).  looks like i may need to put a lock on an out of reach cabinet.  figures with the fourth.

while taking more photos is on my lingering list, i’m really ok with some missing moments in my digital album titled christmas 2014.  because, while we we aren’t in a ton of photos, we were so in the moments.  its rare these days, you know, and it honestly felt pretty fanciful to not be clicking and snapping our minutes and magic away.

with that said, i hope you have a weekend filled with moments that you’ll memorize with your heart.

p.s. another thing on my lingering list is to take time to read my fave blogs.  my fave way to read blogs is on bloglovin’  – – give it a try if haven’t.  i promise it will make blog reading so much easier.  you can follow la la lovely here.


01 /   overnight oatmeal, that’s right, looks like a brilliant idea to me.

02 /  why do you read books?

03 /  speaking of books, if you love the bronte’s then you’ll love the background.

04 / i’m always interested in what apps others love.

05 /  i’m not gluten free but i’m happy to try with these cookies

06 / this is a hobby i’m hoping to pick back up this year.  here is how to start if your interested.

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