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Happy Friday and a few photos from around here.

2 hour Craft Camp / Because I’ve been hoarding crafts for a few years now.

My night stand all clean / Because, mostly it is not.

It’s been such a strange summer when it comes to weather.  We have cool summers every now and again, but this has been a very wet and rainy one.  Which means we have spent a good amount of time doing things other than swimming (here is what we do on summer rainy days).  One day, while the older two were off at camp and play practice I decided maybe it was time to pull out some crafts that I had been holding onto for a couple of years (yes, years).  We made these darling monster masks and owl candy suckers.

This summer has felt pretty different from others, not just weather wise, but in the layout of our days.  They are long, starting early and ending late.  Some filled to the brim and others left to figure out what to fill it with.  Do you know these kind of summer days?  I think it has a lot to do with my two older ones getting older and my little ones still being little.  I can feel the gap this year, and I’m just trying to live in it and not over observe it.  Just more change to embrace and get comfortable with before it all changes again.

We have a crazy, busy weekend that is about to start in a few hours.  I hope whether your weekend is crazy busy or slow and restful that you find a few moments for yourself.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite links below, should you find a few moments to yourself!

ps- If you want to do a little mask making with out purchasing anything, how about this variety made from brown paper bags?  The possibilities are endless.


01 / When sadness takes over.  I so appreciate the vulnerability in this post + relate 100%.   Also, go see Inside Out.

02 /  A few wellness apps to add.

03 / Generous people are more . . .

04 / A quick lunch I’m going to try.

05 / The podcast I’m listening to.  Tell me what your faves.

06 /  If you are looking for a good book, may I recommend . . .

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