Cyber Sales- Hey

  Tis the Season, to shop for others. If you are wanting to get in on all of the cyber sales– I’ve got a few picks for you. Read on, Lovely . . .   The following are a few of my favorite places to shop . . . with great sales: 01 / ABLE :  30% off […]

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Tell Her Story Podcast

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast for the Tell Her Story series with Sarah Ann. I’m usually behind the computer typing rather than talking, but I love the idea of women and sisters sharing their stories.

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Introvert Extroverting

I had a very busy and social week.  Introvert extroverting.  For the past few months I’ve had very slow weeks (in order to rest and recuperate) and come, almost every, January I always find myself hibernating and feeling somewhat isolated.  This past week, however, felt more like July (not in terms of weather I assure you.  The […]

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SHOPBOP Big Event Sale

Shopbop is having their Big Event Sale, which means up to 25% off! I’ve done some shopping and saving myself – buying a little spring by way of sunnies and sandals through my screen.   Here are some favorites right now (shown above). 1 /bold sunglasses 2/ oversized round sunglasses / 3 /fairfax sunglasses 4/ pink cat eye […]

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House Crush / Levi, Claudia + Eve

Last week, i included this kitchen in an inspiring rooms post and made mention that it just might show up as a house crush.  And here we are, already, because I can’t get this pretty abode, belonging to Levi, Claudia + Eve and featured on the Beetle Shack,  out of my mind. Everything about this space catches […]

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stella maria baer

sometimes you just stumble upon something.  a singular something.  an image on the internet speaking beauty and speaking directly to you.  those click click clicking moments online where you find something you weren’t even looking for.  and, what you were looking for you no longer need. i stumbled upon this image of a pretty haired woman […]

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slow down

i hope you all had a happy mother’s day.  that you actually had a few moments to slow down.  and isn’t that just it?  moments to slow down.  today is so fast paced.  most of us sprinting and some of us hearing the resounding, “slow down.”  slow down from those that preach it from all […]

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rocco royal, age 3

one.  two.  three.  to me, three is that last year before you turn boy.  and while, i love boy, i’m clinging to baby.  it’s not that i don’t want you to grow up.  it’s just that i don’t want you to grow up.  i like your chubby hands and your sentences that need my interpretation.  you have the […]

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floral wallpaper

this wallpaper!  i’ve been swooning over cupcakes + cashmere’s new powder room (below) for the past week.  mostly the wallpaper.  like, can’t get it out of my mind, it’s so gorgeous, i really want it, kind of swooning. the pattern is called dark floral and is by designer ellie cashman, who lives in the netherlands and is, clearly, inspired by […]

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fave friday

happy friday!  did you survive the first week back in the swing of things?  it was rough getting up early, again, but we can’t complain too much since school was cancelled monday and tuesday due to frigid temps (its 30 today + it feels like a heatwave).  i’m already missing endless lounging  and doing nothing […]

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