House Crush : Austin

Sometimes it starts with a bathroom, this thing I call a “house crush.” It can begin with any room or detail or color that catches my attention, really.  This bathroom, the old sink, the old copper faucet, the simple pine shelf over potty (we still call it in our house) are so unassuming and so […]

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Beach House Crush

I’m crushing hard on this dream beach house in St. Barts.  When I saw . . .   this home featured on Design Sponge I might have drooled a little. The open living room, the hammock, the steps going RIGHT INTO THE POOL!  Yes, I’ve been coming back to these images all week.  And, thought you […]

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Black Exteriors

I’ve been noticing, lately, that Ive been pinning a lot of black houses.  While, white is still my favorite, black just might be a close second.  I’m loving this look on traditional homes, cottages, and very modern homes alike. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorites.  A few I’d like to escape to or live, […]

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House Crush / South Kensington

No surprise, here, of the probability that I might be crushing on a house in South Kensington.  I love the area and I love London style.  The old meets modern gets me every single time. But…. the thing that got me about this house was the bathroom.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  But…..there is one small thing that I […]

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House Crush : Victorian Farm House

I’m crushing super hard on this Victorian Farmhouse that belongs to a pastor and his family in Portland (as recently seen on Design Sponge).  I have a thing for homes; specifically homes that have soul.  The soul of a home.  Houses are pretty, but homes have soul.  You know, the homes you visit that have […]

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House Crush : Netherlands Farm House

I’m house crushing, currently, on this old Dutch farm in Workum in the north of The Netherlands.  I loved the look of this worn, warm, modern space the minute I layed eyes on it, and to find out it was in Holland made me love it all the more.  Lately, Holland has been hollering my […]

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Pretty In Pink, Floors

Have you ever thought of colored floors?  I love my white floors, and haven’t thought much of other colors beyond grey, but now I’m thinking pink. I’m majorly crushing on this office space, located in Moscow.  The pink, although bright, really works as a neutral as well as a pop of color.  Design inspiration was […]

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Outside Looking In Trend

Don’t you love a good window?  What about one that you can see in as much as you can see out?  I’m always taken by older homes, traditional in design and build, with a very modern element or addition.  This home, called The Vegetarian Cottage designed by the English architect firm, Cousins and Cousins, caught […]

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House Crush / Levi, Claudia + Eve

Last week, i included this kitchen in an inspiring rooms post and made mention that it just might show up as a house crush.  And here we are, already, because I can’t get this pretty abode, belonging to Levi, Claudia + Eve and featured on the Beetle Shack,  out of my mind. Everything about this space catches […]

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