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i hope you all had a happy mother’s day.  that you actually had a few moments to slow down.  and isn’t that just it?  moments to slow down.  today is so fast paced.  most of us sprinting and some of us hearing the resounding, “slow down.”  slow down from those that preach it from all social stages.  tell us how.  show us how.  and, so on.  the thing i’m slowly learning is that slowing down looks different for everyone.  it comes in different ways and at different times.  sometimes it’s forced upon us and other times we force it upon ourselves.  i’m finding, however, it works best when i listen to that little voice on the inside that whispers to me.  it can come in the form of taking an hour just to yourself, letting go of one or somethings you can put off until a later time, and it sometimes comes in saying no.  saying no to this, so you can do that.

naturally i like a bit of a slower pace.  at least every other day.  i like being busy, but after a day or two i need a slow day.  it’s just something i’ve come to learn about myself.  right now, i’m finding that where i need to slow down the most is in the everyday.  i’m always rushing and rushing my little ones.  i should know, by now, that dressing toddlers and getting them in the car takes a very long time, but i try to rush it all and it only puts everyone in grumpy moods.  i’m loving this little slow down print from yes ma’am paper .  isn’t it cute?  right now, its by my bed but i have a feeling i’m going to be moving it by our back door to remind me to slow down.  walk the pace of my toddlers and just not be so hurried and harried.  i won’t be perfect and some days there is now way around rushing with 4 kids, but some days can be slow and most days slower.

have you found ways to slow down in this faced paced world we live in?

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