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Happy friday!  Or, happy freezing friday, to many of you.  How was your week?  I’d like to say mine was productive, or inspiring, or lively, but it wasn’t.  It was the very normal kind, where most of the good stuff lives, if we look for it (I’m learning this art, which doesn’t come natural to me or likely anyone).  We stayed in, and then tried to get out, basketball games, tv watching, field trips to a Wizard of Oz play and the easiest (and cheapest) trip, I’ve ever made to IKEA.   So, I guess I did accomplish something new.

I’m sharing some of my favorites this Friday, both include some kind of WILD.

Wildly Co, is a new fave of ours.  Hayley Morgan, a bloggy friend, of The Tiny Twig, started a family business, in which her whole family could be involved, creating and making ethically made children’s clothing.  I love the idea of it being a family venture.  And, I love that the pieces are staples that are easy for kids to mix and match on their own (this is the key in dressing kids and kid’s dressing themselves, I’ve finally learned after 12 years of being a mom) ..and at a great price point.



Another current fave is the British show Wild at Heart.  We’ve been slowing watching this series, together as a family, over the past year and lately, one after the other.  It was originally on Netflix…but as Netfilx does -they giveth and they taketh away.  I finally found the series on Acorn TV (which you have to subscribe to for a small fee) and we have been watching away.  do you have any series that you love watching with your kids?

And a few other fave links for your weekend reading.

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01 / indoor s’mores.  because it’s winter and we are all wishing it was summer.

02 /  “What if you don’t want to succumb to the drive-by badges of contemporary friendship — a “like,” an emoji, a hashtag (#JeSuisThinkingofYou).”   such a great read on helping friends in times of need.

03 / how to look 10 years younger instantly

04 /  in effort to eat clean, i think this looks like a good resource.

05 / i finally learned how to properly (and without harming anyone) fold fitted sheets.

06 /  you SHOULD BE drinking more coffee.  done and done.

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