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i never dreamed that dressing my boys would be more of a hassle than dressing my girl.  but it is.  there are more arguments with my 3, 4, and 8 year old boys about clothes then there have ever been with my, now, 11 year old daughter.

as for the boys, one insists on dressing like a worker or farmer (don’t ask), the other wants to wear red jeans every. single. day, and the eldest wants to wear the same really ugly, worn out play clothes (enter orange tattered shirt that says “dunk it like a donut”) day and night.

after being a parent for 11 years and buying lots of clothes and cleaning out closets and drawers every season, i think i’ve finally come to a conclusion (one you might say duh to)……




if there are ugly clothes in kid’s closets they will find them, make them their favorites, and wear them, continually!

and, if i’m honest, i do the same thing.  i have nice clothes that i reserve for special occasions and going places.  this leaves me with wearing the same grungy things over and again to save my nice outfits.  i’m not suggesting wearing fancy pants around your home, but i’m wondering why i’m wasting away the nice things i’ve bought for myself and for my kids while we wear out the other stuff.  i’m worried about wasting the nicer things when i’m wasting them even more by not wearing them.  i’ve been dressing my kids with this practice from the beginning.  no wonder they go for the grubby.

don’t get me wrong, i’m all for having play clothes.  and, most days my kids are not wearing styles i’m pinning on pinterest.  however, we are going to start incorporating play clothes that can also be worn places.  a uniform of play clothes of sorts (i’m not sure exactly what this will look like, yet).  but, i do know that i’m going to do my best to keep it simple and buy things that coordinate with each other.  so mix and matching – actually – matches, even when they choose.

another TIP and the thing we just did, yesterday, was organize our drawers by occasion.  meaning this drawer of shirts is for “going places,” that drawer of shirts is for “playing at home.”  and, so on with pants and shorts.  i even sat with my 8 year old last night and put outfits together and like flashcards asked, “is this for going places or staying home?” i’m hoping to train and teach, here.

and as a disclaimer . . . .i realize you have to give your kids some fashion freedom and they have to be able to express themselves, and make choices (i’m just working on limiting the choices for the ages i have right now).   my mom was always really great at letting us have freedom in what we wore.  so much so that i sometimes wondered why my sister got away with some of her crazy outfits (shorts and cowboy boots at 6 years old).  but, wouldn’t you know, my sister is the one that has great style and was always way ahead of trends.  now i pay attention to what she likes.  me, i chose to dress more like a business person, when i was in high school.  i wanted my hair braided like meg ryan in sleepless in seattle, which i paired with a floral dress and pearls.  my sister than addressed me as church lady.

tell me, is clothes an issue with your kids?  what kinds of clothes do your kids like to wear most days?  talk to me, friends.  let’s discuss.  any fave nice play clothes brands?

ps- this photo is from a post i did on ruum kids clothes – they have some great play clothes options that work for going places too.  i also like h&m because it’s modern and inexpensive.



  • Janet
    Commented on June 12th, 2014 at 5:38am

    My son was more picky than my daughter especially in the younger years and the tags drove him crazy….and ultimately me too :)

    In the morning I pick from the bottom of my shirt drawers because I know I have not worn it. Very anal, what can I say :)

    Have a beautiful day!!

  • Trina
    Commented on June 13th, 2014 at 12:19pm

    using logic, right? these make good memories.. though, for sure! have a beautiful weekend! xo . t

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