New Beauty Favorites For Glowing Skin at Any Age

A few new beauty favorites I found at forty.  Good for a sunkissed face no matter your age or season.


So, I just turned 40. And honestly, I kind of feel like my skin is freaking out a bit. Like my body wants to prove my age. Sun spots I’ve never seen before, this summer. Blemishes to remind me of fleeting youth. Lines not only around my eyes but now on my arms (what?). Some of it happens slowly and some, I swear, appears overnight as if it is a surprise gift (not what was on my wish list).

Maybe you can relate? If, not, enjoy line free-living, Lovely One.

On my birthday, I spent the day in the city (Chicago, if you’re wondering) and inevitably ended up in Nordstrom (It only makes sense when your birthday falls on their Anniversary Sale).

Daily Beauty Faves / La La Lovely

I always meander through the shoe department before I make my way to the beauty counters (which is where I tend to spend the bulk of my time). I’d take makeup and beauty products over clothes any day (I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I love trying new products and taking care of my skin). And, who doesn’t love getting their makeup done?

So after assessing all the swanky loafers, I wandered over to Charlotte Tilbury because I had been wanting to try more of her products (I’m nuts about her Magic Cream – which is on my Christmas list EVERY year) and had been eyeing her Golden Goddess line for some time.

I let the makeup artist do her thing and then went home with some goodies that I believe are worth sharing. A few that are, in fact, going on my forever rotation.

Firstly, I should tell you that this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing what I’m la la loving at the moment. Second, I’ve been using these products since July, so I feel can actually give a recommendation. Thirdly, I didn’t love everything I purchased (I returned the mascara – which I actually did love, but it ran off my eyelashes too easily).

Ready for a look in my makeup bag?

Daily Beauty Faves / La La Lovely

Favorite Eye Brow Pencil by Charlotte Tilbury

Here are a few New Beauty Favorites For Glowing Skin at Any Age:

01 /  Brow Lift.  I absolutely LOVE this. Like possibly my fave purchase from that day. I’ve been jumping around on eyebrow pencils for awhile. I’ve found a few that I’ve liked over the years. But I la la LOVE this one! The pencil tip is slanted (triangular) which is great for shaping brows. The brush is generous in size and has soft bristles. And….there is a secret compartment in the center for highlighting under the arch, giving an instant lift–so cool. I chose the shade called Super Model.

02 / Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation. I didn’t really need a new foundation, but once I saw how light and glowy my skin looked, I didn’t want to leave the counter without it. This is the perfect foundation for summer time because it is not heavy. However, I’m thinking it is likely perfect for winter as well when you’re skin is feeling dull and pale. I have 4 Fair.

03 / Airbrush Flawless Finish.  I had been looking for a compact powder to lightly lift shine. This works great around my nose and forehead. I found this powder to sit so softly on the skin. I have the 2 Medium. I also purchased the powder and sculpt brush. I loved the unique shape. The only powder brush I had was huge and really (like really) old.

04 / Cheek to Chic blush in Ecstasy. I wasn’t planning on a blush. I have a couple and I usually prefer the creme variation (this is my forever fave), but loved the color, feel and look so much. It brightened up my whole face and gave my cheeks a lift.

05 / Golden Goddess Luxury Palette. I don’t have the palette pictured but it’s so pretty. The coverage is light enough for day but can easily be applied for going out. I’m certainly more of the everyday, light look kind of girl when it comes to eyes, but I loved seeing how the makeup artist did the smoky eye look. Now I just need to acquire the skills. I also loved the eye blender and eye smudger brushes the artist used.

06 / Nars Larger than Life eye pencil in  Via Venento (black). I have been using this a few months prior to my 40th. Had been searching for a long lasting eyeliner and someone recommend Nars Larger than life. It’s so good. It glides on like a dream and stays in place. The pigment is rich, which I love. It’s really velvety and feels and looks somewhere between a traditional pencil and a liquid liner. This is definitely on my keeper list.

07 / TenOverTen nail polish in Watts . This was given to me as a gift and the color is so pretty. With my skin tone, it looks almost like a pink-lavender.

08 / Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna. Another gift from a friend (who clearly knows I love makeup). I usually go for nude lips and stick with gloss these days, so it was actually quite fun to get something I wouldn’t normally purchase. And to my surprise, I really love the darker look. I’ve worn it several times this summer and am sure I’ll be using it even more frequently this fall (you can see me wearing it here-scroll through for pics).

Daily Beauty Faves / La La Lovely

Flawless Skin Faves_La La Lovely

And lastly . . .

09 / Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser to wash it all off. This stuff is amazing. It is a mask and balm for baby soft skin. (You can watch the tutorial here–that is how I got sucked into Charlotte Tilbury in the first place – by watching her apply these dreamy creams). I let this sit on my skin for awhile and then wash the day away. I sometimes leave it on overnight and it can be used in the morning before makeup to plump up your skin.

And that does it, Lovelies. At least for now.

P.S. I’m wearing most of the makeup in the photo above (applied by me–so no smoky-eye situation going on, just my everyday look).

Do you have any products that you return to again and again?

What’s on your forever list?

I’d love to hear!




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