3 Everyday Beauty Products I’m Loving

Sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten up our day, right? And far be it from me to hide the fact that a new little lipstick can bring me a good amount of joy. It can.

I’ve always loved a good beauty product because it can make any old day feel slightly luxurious. I, of course, have a handful of longtime faves (check them out here), but, today, I want to share a few new additions that I’m using on-the-daily and will definitely purchase again.


3 Everyday Beauty Products I’m Loving


01 / Beauty Counter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation: I’ve been trying a lot of Beauty Counter Products and liking most of them. This light coverage foundation is a winner! I use the Sand shade, which adds just a wee bit of color to my face (which is totally needed for Midwest winters) without changing the tone of my skin. It is light coverage. I like seeing my freckles, even if it means seeing my sunspots too (Gosh I wish I wouldn’t have went to tanning beds in the ’90s). I pair it with their concealer and that works great for everyday.

02 / Bloomeffects Tulip Tint Lip and Cheek Balm: My mom got me this little wonder for Mother’s Day. She thought I’d love it because it’s made from the Tulips in Holland (I’m a Dutchie) and it turned out to be an amazing product. The color is divine and it can be used on the lips and cheeks. Double duty. It’s a super clean beauty product and it’s been awarded Allure’s Best of Beauty. Bonus, it’s a super pretty blue packaging.

03 / IGK 1-800-Hold-Me No Crunch Flexible Hold Hair Spray: I am hairspray girl. There is no getting away from it, growing up in the ’80s. Also, my hair is really fine and I need it to not fall totally limp on my face, you know? I’ve used Sebestain Shaper for like-ever and it works great, but then I tried Elnett because all of the models use it for like-ever and it is a great price point. It smelled super nostalgic to me…”did my grandma wear this?” Because upon wearing it, I was missing her terribly. Anyhow, my husband kept saying I smelled like an old lady. I was pretty annoyed. Until I figured out . . . it’s the hairspray…that … you know… reminds me of my grandma. So back to this new hairspray. I had a gift card to Ulta and thought I’d give this a try because it smelled amazing and the name is so clever (again, packaging). It’s gre—aa—tt. It smells so good and has such a nice light, but effective hold. I was at my friend’s the other week and walked in and she said… you smell so good. It was the hairspray!

Now tell me, what beauty products are you using everyday?

P.S. Here’s me wearing all 3 products



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