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welcome to another monday mess.  today, the lovely rebecca from a daily something is sharing her mess … which i think is a beautiful (+ productive one).  rebecca and i haven’t met in real life but i’m pretty certain we’d be fast friends.  she is a sweetheart and has super great style.  besides being a blogger, rebecca is a prop stylist and wedding designer.  if you aren’t familiar with her blog or work you’ll definitely want to check it out.  oh, and she lives on a sheep farm (so cute).

clean it

On any given day, our kitchen floor is my photo shoot location of choice. The light streams into the room beautifully, and it’s one of the most spacious areas of our tiny apartment. You will frequently find me there, precariously hovering over my little styled “mess”. Sometimes it’s food, other times a diy project. Today I was prepping for a fun shoot with vintage kitchen utensils. My backdrop of choice is usually white poster board or fabric. Unfortunately, more often than not, I’ll leave the mess strewn about the floor for the rest of the day, too busy with the next task to bother cleaning up. Then my husband gets home from work, and I’ve created a few more “messy” spots. I need to learn to clean up after each mess I create, because my apartment is slowly becoming photo shoot pandemonium.

leave it2

dailysomething3_La La Lovely

This brand new [to me] midcentury dresser will be the home to our sweet baby girl’s (due in June) clothes. Since placing it in our home, I gladly welcomed the extra surface space, and it’s become home to various props and treasures. I don’t mind this mess, because I’m constantly rotating out various items, and these are some of my favorite, pretty things.

dailysomething2_La La Lovely
believe it

dailysomething 4_La La Lovely

/  /  /  /  /  /

do you make little work messes throughout the day?  do you tend to keep projects around?  i have to confess, when i get out any goodies to shoot photos, i tend to leave them for a bit too. it’s easy to jump on to the next thing and besides its always kind of sad to clean up such a mixture of pretty.

as for now, i’m planning on featuring monday mess twice a month.  would you like to see it every week?

images / rebecca gallop


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