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many of you probably already know, meg.  she penned the popular blog mimi + meg which she recently transitioned over to meg biram – the edit.  meg doesn’t just author a blog.  she consults, designs t-shirts, and creates beautiful abstract art pieces.  her latest endeavor is called the b bar which is all about cocktails and cure-alls for bloggers and businesses (such a cute site + full of great advice).  i had a fun dinner at ALT with meg and few other faves, and it was so fun getting to know her a bit better.  she is such a go getter and super inspiring.

clean it

My desk /  I work better when it is neat and organized! But as the day goes by little piles and stack and lots of pens and highlighters find their way to the corners of my desk. There’s usually a stack on top of my wacom by the end of the day!

The bathroom/ My interns work out of my home, so I always keep the bathroom super clean and put away this little mess every day.

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leave it2

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My bed & workout clothes / I don’t always make my bed — if I’ve got a lot going on I’ll just throw the covers up so it’s half done. And you can often find workout clothes strewn about the bedroom. I can shut the bedroom door, so it’s not as much of a priority for me as far as picking it up.

believe it

meg biram 5

/  /  /  /  /  /

so tell me about your desktops and counter-tops.  do you keep them spotless or do they tend to pile up?  i try to keep my desk organized but the truth is i always have two or three piles going at all times.  i only have 2 small drawers so i try not to get too hung up on it.  but, one day when i have more office space, i plan to do something about the piling system

p.s.  speaking of #GSD (above photo).  meg has a column by the same name, GSD.  it highlights other creatives and how they get things done!  tips, apps and a lot more practical pointers if you are looking to make things happen and quickly.  it’s one of my favorite reads.

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