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clean it

i’m so happy to have kelly, of design crush, share her monday mess.  i’ve long been a fan of design crush.  when it comes to all things design, kelly knows whats going on.  i’m so glad i’ve had a chance to chat with kelly at ALT, in years past,…she is as nice as can be!  keep reading…i think you’ll really enjoy her mess . . .

clean it

My kitchen table is a catchall for every single thing that comes in the front door, at least that’s how it feels! I try to clean it off at least once a week but it’s like a magnet for things that need mailed, DIY projects, etc. I’m happy to report the box at the top left has been successfully mailed and that the box on the far right is full of successfully written out holiday cards, however the rest needs cleaned off badly.

leave it2

leave it

My two pups, Piper and Bebe, have a serious rawhide and tug of war addiction. Their collection of both (along with a few chew toys thrown in for good measure) sits in the corner of my living room. When I pick everything up at the end of each day the cute canvas basket does its job, but a few hours into the morning it looks like this. Girls will be girls and I’m okay with that.


believe it

believe it

/  /  /  /  /  /

i’m smitten that kelly shared her pile of her pups bones and toys!  these are the things that make a house a home, yes?  do your pets have piles in your home too?


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