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Today I wanna chat about artists, art and creative endeavors.  Do you consider yourself an artist or a creative?  And is there a difference?  I would say I’m creative but I don’t see my self as an artist.  But the truth is whatever you create is art.  Yes?

And if you create something or anything, for that matter, have you ever taken on an endeavor that is a big one?  One that, in your mind, you are able to envision the finished project but when you start to work out the details it seems like such a big under taking?

My sister is going through that very process right now.  I’ve talked about Amy, before.   She is an artist and to me, she “qualifies” as being called one because she went to art school and she makes things.  What Amy is currently making right now is a movie, along with her artist friends, all talented in their own rights.  The movie is called Like Straw and you can watch a clip above.  I think it’s pretty amazing that they are collaborating together and taking on such a big creative endeavor.

One way to start a new creative project or endeavor is through a site called Kickstarter.  Have you heard of Kickstarter (I hadn’t)?  It’s a pretty cool site with a great concept and approach to funding your project, whatever that may be.  You can also find all kinds of artists and interesting projects through that you may want to support.  Amy, Megan and Felicia are over on Kickstarter sharing their story and a clip of Like Straw.

And hey, do you want to see the other amazing things these girls make?

AMY TOMPKINS, The Producer / Assistant Director, makes amazing collage art:

MEGAN ROSE STEINMAN, The Cinematographer, takes some really rad photos:

FELICIA FERRARA, The Writer / Director is, of course, a great writer.  You can read her work here.

I may have said this before but it is worth saying again…any creativity, style, or artistic thing I do or have done is solely because of the influence of my sister.  Since we were little she has been interested in art, a trendsetter and had an eye for design.  She has been my biggest encouragement and supporter when it comes to this blog or any creative project I take on and I probably would have quit about 55 times, if it wasn’t for her.  I’ve never considered myself an artist or even creative but because of her I kind of am convinced that I am now somewhat creative.  I’m so thankful for her influence and proud of the art that she creates.

So tell me, friends, if you could take on any artistic project or endeavor, knowing that you would not fail, what would you do?  Me? I’d write a book.

+ Like Straw on Kickstarter  + Like Straw on Facebook

images / Amy Tompkins / Megan Rose Steinman




  • Pati Mo
    Commented on August 2nd, 2012 at 1:37pm

    That’s a really interesting question, I never thought that artist and creative could mean different things or have the same meaning. I would say there can be a difference because a creative is someone who has good taste that goes beyond just a medium or a specific technique.

    An artist has to have good taste as well, but he/she has a specialty, is the ‘maker’ while a creative can just direct, doesn’t necessarily have to make it. Great post!

  • Trina
    Commented on August 2nd, 2012 at 4:30pm

    Great points, Pati! I totally agree. An artist definitely should have a specialty but that specialty can certainly evolve over time. Thanks for joining the conversation!

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