house crush (es)



have you seen the latest issue of rue magazine?  the pacific northwest edition?  i’m super excited because of few of my boise friends are featured!  first is jen hagler (we haven’t met but she is a friend of friends and i adore her home and style).

her home is always evolving and her scandinavian style is impeccible.  you can see more of jennifer’s home here.


then there is my friend kirsten of simply grove.  who i simply adore.  she has such great style!  she recently re-decorated her  bedroom which i think is calming and intresting.

isn’t her daughter eden jo the super cutest?  i’m serisouly!  and if you’re wanting more, check out her office here + kid’s room (both recently updated).



and lastly there is rachelle of la petite mag + kenziepoo.  her home is another scandinavian beauty.  i’ve followed rachelle since she started kenziepoo and it’s been fun to watch her style evolve and her endeavors grow!


all of these ladies are as lovely as they come and so is their style.  i’m major crushing!


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