these rooms


these rooms belong together.

a perfect pairing for under the same roof.  formally informally with a touch of  turquoise.  first, a living room with mismatched art, a modern sofa, and traditional rug and ottoman.  then take a stroll down the long turquoise colored hall, stop and look at what books are on the shelf (because you can learn a lot about a person by what is on their bookshelf), and surprise…it’s a secret door to the kitchen.  the kitchen that is rustic, and warm and bright, letting in a large amount of natural light along with the breeze, no doubt, coming off the turquoise sea.

wouldn’t you love a secret door like that?  it’s going in my one day some day house.  yes…secret doors and dutch doors.

i’m kinda digging these “these rooms” posts.  what about you?  maybe i should start a little series?

images: the design filesthe house home / the design files



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