Walking on Clouds and Rug Pads

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Have you ever walked on a cloud?  Me neither, but I think about it every time I fly.

This is my bedroom with my tidy nightstand, which really isn’t always tidy.   But’s let’s talk about my rug and …. what lies beneath.  First I should tell you that the rug is beyond decor for me, it’s warmth in the winter and a bit of a sacred spot (I’ll tell you why in a bit).

And under it? …. Nothing, except for a lot of dirt (click through for my pictorial confession).  That is until I recently tried a rug pad.

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I’m curious . . . . do you use rug pads?

Honestly, I never really gave rug pads much thought other than assuming they were only for keeping your rug from slipping around.

But, they are not.  They are for walking on clouds (cushioning if you want to get technical), protection (prevents scratches and dye transfers to your floor – When I moved my rug around to add the rug pad, I found some dark coloring on my white painted floors that isn’t washing up.), longevity (keeps your rug fibers from crushing over time),  and cleanliness (so you don’t collect this much dirt under yours . . . .



like mine).

under the rug

Can you believe this?  It wasn’t like one big pile.  Rather, just a bunch of little, spread out, dusty looking lines, that when swept up, piled into this amount.  And, this is not a high traffic area in my home.  Before you judge too much, the candy wrapper came from under the bed.  I blame my kids.

So, I swept up and placed my new rug pad under my most favorite rug.  And, walked on a cloud.  A colorful, pretty patterned, oriental rug of a cloud.

Rug Pad | La La Lovely Blog

This is my rug pad from RugPadUSA.com.  I had no idea that there were so many varieties (there are even more cloudier kinds) to choose from and that certain kinds work best with certain floors.  I also learned that most rug pads on the market are toxic (producing major outgassing) and can actually actually do serious damage to the floor that you think you are protecting.

If you are like me and never gave it much thought …. then maybe peel back a rug and take a peek beneath, like I did.  You might be in for a surprise.

And, if you find you might want to try walking on a cloud or a rug pad then go here.

reading corner | la la lovely blog

This is the other end.

This cloud of a rug is my sacred spot.  It’s where I start each day.  First feet to floor feeling the earth, next coffee and quiet in the chair to contemplate, and then a full body yoga stretch to ground me while I’m on my cloud.

PS – Honestly, now that my rug is so cushy all I can think about is when I can do yoga next.  And, that is a major bonus!

This post is in collaboration with RugPadUSA.com.  All opinions are my own.



  • Lisa
    Commented on July 14th, 2015 at 6:34am

    It is a beautiful rug! Where is it from? Thanks!

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