Lovely Print + Smartphone Wallpaper

I have something for you, Lovelies!

A pretty LOVELY print and smartphone wallpaper.


LOVELY Print Download | La La Lovely

LOVELY Smartphone Wallpaper

Just a little beauty I wanted to add to your day!

Isn’t it pretty?

When you look at it I want it to remind you of two things:

01 /  You are Lovely
*even on your worst day (you are completely and fully loved).

02 / Look for the Lovely
*it can be found every day (on beautiful days, boring days, and, even, bad days).

I started the blog, nearly 10 years ago, with these words, from the poem Night by Sara Teasdale, and they have become somewhat of a life motto of mine:

   Look for a lovely thing and you will find it,
It is not far–
   It will never be far. 

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Thank you for reading La La Lovely all these years. I’m so grateful for this space and for all of you!

Feel free to share this download offer with anyone that you think could use a bit of beauty in their day!

XO . Trina

P.S. I’ll be sharing a sneak peek of my book (including the cover) in a few weeks. I want to make sure you all are the first to see it! By signing up to receive these download’s you’ll be on the list!




  • Tara
    Commented on November 22nd, 2017 at 11:07am

    Thank you so much for writing about this topic. I’m 48 and just developed anxiety last year. I feel like people throw the term around but don’t really understand the feelings I endure an the toll it takes. Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone and for the download. I plan to use it to help me everyday. Happy Thanksgiving Trina!!!

  • Trina
    Commented on November 26th, 2017 at 10:47am

    @Tara, Hi Tara. I’m so sorry you are battling anxiety. It is a bit of a buzzword today, but the times we live in certainly can cause anxiety. It can be physical symptoms and debiliting or at least cause a person not to be able to function at full capacity. So glad you were able to find this post and resonate with it. I hope the download builds your faith and helps you to rest in love.! xo . Trina

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