i look for books, and books find me. i look in bookstores, because a bookstore is not just one place, it is many.  within the walls are pages, and within the pages; places, people and practices that you can peek into and possibly take with you.  you can take your escape.  you can start your excavate. […]

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Book Review : Playful

i have something to confess.  i don’t do crafts with my kids very often.  this is kind of hard to admit as a mom of four and a design blogger who is “supposed” to live my offline life in a very crafty online kind of way.  the thing is i’m not a super great crafter […]

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currently reading

let’s talk books.  it’s been awhile (last post here).  i’ve always got a book or two or four going, so i thought it would be a good time to catch up.  and after all, summer is the best for reading.  don’t you think?  while i’m sharing what i’ve read recently / am reading.  i’d love to hear […]

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Currently Reading

clearly, i like books.  they might be my favorite thing to shop for.  books and beauty products, probably.  and, when it comes to books i’m a two timer.  i usually have a few books going at a time.  this can be bothersome, at times, but it works for me.  i tend to always have some […]

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Book : Freefall to Fly + A Giveaway

do you want your life to count for something?  to have meaning?  the answer to that is, probably, yes.   i do.  badly.  some days, in the midst of the daily mundane routine, i question how it all adds up.  i know that being a mom is crazy important and carries more purpose than i […]

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Book : The Honest Life

when i interviewed jessica alba, a few months ago, i asked her about her favorite natural beauty products.  this led to a conversation about her upcoming book, The Honest Life, where she said she would be sharing her favorites, along with many other great things.  of course, it piqued my interest and i knew it […]

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Book : Past & Present

it’s snowing again (which, for whatever reason, just makes me want to eat cheeseburgers + fries) and to top it off one of the littles is home sick. this has me thinking of a roaring fire and a good book. which is why i thought i’d pop in and tell you about a design book, i’m really loving called past […]

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Say / What Are You Reading?

  Bringing Up Bebe   / The Paris Wife /  The Happiness Project  / Taming Your Family Zoo  / Bag / Paris in Color Say, what are you reading these days?  As, almost, always, I have about 5 books going at once.  All the while wondering if I, ever, will finish just one of them. I like reading all kinds […]

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Milk + Bookies

  Don’t you just love a good book?  I mean, really truly, it is one of the great pleasures of life, and at any age.  I have to say that I love children’s books just as much, well actually, probably more than big people books.  There is just something so magical about children’s books . […]

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Hi lovelies.  What a week.  I have to say the highlight for me was taking a trip into Chicago to attend the Decorate Book Tour at Anthropologie. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Decorate yet, you are missing out.  I’m sure if you are reading this blog than you love design books, yes? […]

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