one of my goals this year revolves around the word strong.  indeed, it has everything to do with wanting to be strong physically.  a big, loud, and resounding, YES, i’d very […]

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lingering list

i feel behind and a little out of sorts.  i like my goals, resolutions, or whatever you like to call them best, written, then typed, and and sometimes shared.  because, as a […]

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holiday traditions

do you have any holiday traditions? i almost didn’t do christmas cards this year.  i’m trying to cut back on the hustle and bustle and the “have tos,” i seemingly […]

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i’ve been thinking about moments.  moments and days to be exact.  the thought that it is a million little moments that are the matter and making of our days. the […]

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hard days.

how do you handle hard days?  they are different for you than they might be for me.  and, it’s possible they might very much be the same.  a hard day […]

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Say, how do you clear clutter….from your mind that is?  Do you ever have a hard time finding free space to make room for the most important thoughts that you […]

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Digitally Organized

I like organization. a. lot.  And it is just not working out for me, these days, the way I would like it to.  This is life with 4 little la […]

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Welcome! Remember how I told you I was working on a little something with Bre [who is beyond super rad talented] from Moxee + Our Paper Shop?  This is it. […]

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