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hi lovelies.  how have you been?  it’s been a fun two weeks for me.  i’ve been popping in from time to time to say hello while traveling. but today, i am back home in the winter wonderland that i call home.  i love traveling and i love coming home. i always find myself overwhelmed with a sense of appreciation and find that i fall in love with my home all over again, pretty much, every. single. time.  it’s just that feeling of domestic duty that always sneaks back in, within about 90 minutes time, that steals all those lovely endorphins.

but back to the trip. we had a lovely time.  if you’ve been reading for awhile than you may have noticed that every year in february we trek out to the desert, tucson to be exact, with our friends.  it’s been a tradition for 14 years.  we started going before there were any littles and 7 kids later we are still making lots of memories.

i should like to tell you that we climb this mountain, and that one.  that we go on adventures and so on, but really, all we do is eat, shop, relax, sit by the pool, take walks and then repeat.  it’s pretty great.

+rocco, who slept in the shower all week (memory), was the sweetest.
+the mountains always give me a shot of strength that i can’t seem to find elsewhere, you know.
+we always go rock climbing.  liam brave was brave little thing.
+a snowstorm was not what we planned for but it did make for memories + some haunting photos.
+the big kids . . . getting way to big.  boo to growing up.
+stopped by one of my favorite stores, bon, again.  diane keaton loves it too.
+my beautiful friend jen (who always inspires me to be a better mom) and pax, of #dailydoseofpax fame.  he is such a darling, in every sense of the word + i could have just eaten him for dessert everyday.

a few of my favorite places to eat in tucson are:

+and, of course, this midwest girls likes to get her fill of rubio’s + in and out burger, when visiting the west, too.

*next week, i’ll be sharing some photos from a really cool shop in tucson, that i stumbled upon,that sells gorgeous handmade jewelry, that i fell in love with.

*you can see more from our trip over on instagram + post on LA trip to follow in a few!


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