Must Haves for Traveling With Kids

Do you have any epic trips planned this summer?  Or, even just, a road trip to the grandparents?  As of now, we’ve got nothing planned, but to stay put.  Perhaps, that is why this post is so fun.  I’ll travel along, viturally, with you. First, watch this video that my friend Corbyn made on Traveling With […]

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My desert

I’ve coming to the desert for 20 years, now.  Tucson has taken it’s place in my heart as a home.  And, anyone that knows me, well, knows that home is my heart. I’m sitting at a desk, in the room I don’t usually stay in, in my parents home situated in the foot hills.  My […]

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la la loving / giraffe manor

sometimes you just stumble upon something so amazing it’s almost dream like, and thus deserves an entire post all unto it self.   this is giraffe manor, a luxury boutique hotel in nairobi, kenya.  not only is this old building fairytale like an old building covered in greens, but the herd of rothschild giraffe’s that […]

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a modern chateau

i have been thinking a lot about vacation.  like a real vacation.  not a business trip.  not a conference.  not a family holiday trip.  a straight up nothing to do but vacation vacation.  it’s been a little too long.  while my favorite places to go almost always include europe and exploring, i’ve been dreaming of […]

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london, again

i shared last week on london, shalom and coming home.  only i hadn’t sat down to linger on london.  and, i’m really still a little in awe that i landed there again this year.  last year was a very unexpected trip and nothing short of a grace gift from above.  and, i couldn’t have known, […]

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peace and the pour

it has been crazy these past two weeks since i came home from england.  london already feels like a life time ago.  i’ve been wanting to share photos and tell you about the trip, but it just hasn’t happened yet (next week!).  crossed an ocean, one of the great lakes, conquered customs and walked in […]

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wear it / plane

i’m traveling today and thought i’d share what i normally wear on a plane.  the outfit can vary a bit, but i promise, whether a long or short flight, i have a bit of a uniform. the funny thing is i used to have a flying uniform in high school.  in those days, some people […]

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Ethiopia + a giveaway

i’m supposed to be heading to ethiopia today and i’m not.  i’m still trying to swallow those words myself.  i’ve been planning and prepping and waiting with anticipation.  and, somewhere in the midst of that i found myself overwhelmed with some things and made the very hard decision that….the timing, for me, isn’t right. to say it […]

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fave friday

happy friday friends.  so here are a few photos from our trip to atlanta last week.  i didn’t take a ton of pictures like i should have and most are at the barista parlor which is actually in nashville.  we stopped on our way down. how has your week been?  this week my goal was […]

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ahh london.  it seems like it was all a dream.   this trip was somewhat of a last minute thing but i’m so glad i ended up going.  i tagged along with some of my close friends and we went to colour conference  which was pretty amazing.  after a few days at the conference in london […]

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