london, again

i shared last week on london, shalom and coming home.  only i hadn’t sat down to linger on london.  and, i’m really still a little in awe that i landed there again this year.  last year was a very unexpected trip and nothing short of a grace gift from above.  and, i couldn’t have known, […]

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a fresh new look

hi lovelies.  notice anything different?  this site just got a little re-fresh.  while, i still totally love the design of my blog and wasn’t ready to part, all together, with the look and logo, i felt it was time for a little update.  i wanted things to be super clean, simple and modern, with a […]

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fave friday

it’s been crazy hot here.  like all you can do is stay indoors or in water kind of hot.  but, it’s been fun having friends and family over to enjoy the pool with us.  last week i wasn’t feeling well and my friend ahndea brought me an iced coffe and a necklace, which i noticed matches […]

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a travel adventure

hi lovelies.  i’m on an adventure today.  one that entails my passport.  as these things are usually planned out way in advance this was pretty last minute.  i LOVE travel, as it’s always so exciting, but it can make me a wee bit nervous too (so say a prayer). pop back in tomorrow to see […]

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whats in a name

do you like your name?  i hated my name growing up.  i’m sure not an uncommon woe of a 9 year old.  honestly, i have a strangely clear memory of being in the elementary school bathroom, waiting in line, talking to other little girls and thinking to myself, “why can’t my name be jennifer or […]

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highs + lows

Say, how do you handle the highs and + lows?  Do you ever notice how sometimes they go hand in hand.  I mean one right after the other.  I guess that isn’t such a bad things when the high follows the low but when its the other way around, that is always another story. And […]

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Say, Mothers Are Lovely

The loveliest lady I know is, no doubt, my Mom.  It’s the truth.  She is beautiful, she is kind, she is compassionate, she is giving (almost to a fault) and she is strong.  She has that quiet inner strength, the kind that often goes un-noticed, and the very kind that I am trying to find […]

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Luke, Age 7

Happy Birthday to my first boy, the one who melts my heart with his ocean blues.  You are already that boy who is the magic combination of tough on top and sweeter than candy (yes cotton candy) on the inside. +  you love to play ball.  football, baseball, basketball….bouncy ball.  i often wonder why you […]

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New York

Do you ever just pretend?  You know, like you are somebody else or at least just living somewhere else.  I do, but it shouldn’t be any surprise as my imagination tends to be on the overactive side (in good and bad ways).  Usually, it’s when I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I get […]

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Christmas + Such

I thought I’d pop a few pictures up of Christmas and such.  I’ve got to get better at taking more snapshots, next year, next year [I’ve got quite the “next year” list going, already]. As you can see we had fun wearing our stripes again [speaking of Polarn O. Pyret their winter sale is going on at […]

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