highs + lows

Say, how do you handle the highs and + lows?  Do you ever notice how sometimes they go hand in hand.  I mean one right after the other.  I guess that isn’t such a bad things when the high follows the low but when its the other way around, that is always another story. And then there is all of that glorious time in between that is the everyday.  When you really think about it, though, the everyday is pretty great.  That is where life lives (I guess this has been on my mind a lot lately).

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw I was in New York last week working on special project.  It was a pinch me kind of moment in more ways than one.  A moment where I think I’m not quite sure how all of this happened but I kind of am and who cares, I’m just grateful and going to soak in every single detail that made up those couple of days.  And I did.  I cannot wait to share it all with you in the near future.

I came home with 1 1/2 days until 15 family members would arrive at my house.  Scurried around getting things just so and before they all arrived, the flu did.  The babes, the mister and I got it (Elle + L were sparred).  It was bad.  I’m still not feeling so great, as I type this.  Our family who was almost here (having made a very long drive) turned around and went back as we tried our best to survive and keep the older ones healthy.  Major sad  as we had really fun plans for Thanksgiving and now nothing.  But this is life.  And sometimes you just have to roll with it (I hope you know when I say these sorts of things, I’m saying them to myself….I always do).  And, of course, as always… one day at a time.  When I get too many days ahead,  I get too many problems.  The weight of many days is so much heavier than the weight of one.  But for me it is trying to find the balance of planning ahead while living in today (any tips, lovelies?).

Well, whatever today is for you….embrace it.  I’m going to stay in my pj’s and nap when the kids nap.  I’m going to just embrace not feeling my best.  And when I feel more like me, I’m going to hit the ground running (one day at time) as I have another high just around the corner, but yes, with many everydays in between.

Happy Everyday, lovelies!

Oh, and speaking of New York and such.  While I was there, I happened to catch the commercial for The Land of Nod Toy Shop in Soho (if you live in NYC… you have to go).  I was so excited because Frank and Harvey (my long time friend) made the video.  To get you all in the holiday shopping mood, I thought I’d share it all with you.   It’s so darling.




  • Savvy in San Francisco
    Commented on November 21st, 2012 at 10:02pm

    What a lovely video! The store feels like you have stumbled into Santa’s toy shop! I hope you feel better soon! I have had it for the last week! I’m the only one that got it, so I’m hoping everyone else in the family stays healthy! Can’t wait to hear your big news! XX

  • A Magical Place Called The Land of Nod | Honest to Nod
    Commented on September 2nd, 2016 at 9:16am

    […] that really exciting project i said i was working on and that i couldn’t wait to share with you?  well, today, i’m sharing and all starts like […]

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