i’ve landed in . . .

LONDON!  i didn’t want to make it so obvious with an obvious landmark, that is.  and, really, because my eyes are going to be looking here and there and everywhere to seek out this type of inspiration.  the last time i was in england i was totally mesmerized by all of the colored doors and went […]

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a travel adventure

hi lovelies.  i’m on an adventure today.  one that entails my passport.  as these things are usually planned out way in advance this was pretty last minute.  i LOVE travel, as it’s always so exciting, but it can make me a wee bit nervous too (so say a prayer). pop back in tomorrow to see […]

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vacation style

1 / *cardigan 2 / necklace 3 / t-shirt 4 / watch 5 / leggings 6 / *boots  / skirt hi lovelies.  i thought i’d share an outfit that i wore on vacation (this was for going out to dinner, the rest of the time consisted of comfy clothes).  as i’ve said before, i always overpack and sadly this is a hard habit to break.  the pieces […]

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Girls Trip : L.A.

so, after our normal trip, La La and i snuck over to L.A. (with my mom) for a few days to celebrate her 10th birthday.  we had a really fun time. and, although i wish i could have explored, all the places i read about from blogs and my goop app, there just wasn’t time for it. […]

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Vacation : Tucson

hi lovelies.  how have you been?  it’s been a fun two weeks for me.  i’ve been popping in from time to time to say hello while traveling. but today, i am back home in the winter wonderland that i call home.  i love traveling and i love coming home. i always find myself overwhelmed with […]

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flying with kids

hi lovelies…as you may have gathered from my instagram feed i have escaped the cold and am traveling.  traveling with 4 kids, that is.  it’s always a task, but well worth it.  i’m sharing a few tips on flying / traveling with littles today.  i’ve shared this before, but you may just be new around here! […]

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Alt Summit + the After

hi lovelies.  you knew it was coming, right?  the ALT recap, just like last year.  if you follow along on instagram or twitter than you probably saw a little of this or a little of that.  as always it was a really great time. if i’m 100% honest, i would tell you that i really […]

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travel quirks

hi lovelies.  it’s wednesday morning and i’m on my way to alt summit (like in the car literally). let’s talk travel.  do you love it?  i love to travel but kind of hate to fly (i’ve probably told you this before).  what about you?  i keep hearing from more and more people that air travel, […]

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What to Pack for ALT Summit

so who heading to ALT SUMMIT next week?   this will be my 3rd year attending and i have to say i’ve learned a thing or two along the way.  for instance . . . what to pack.  if this is your first time, than i hope this photo journal will help give you some […]

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Scarves + Iceland

I’m a little short on words today but, I will tell you this… I’m wanting to wear this Neon Fringe Scarf from Plumo (isn’t it gorgeous!!!!!) and I really want to go to Iceland, like bad. images : plumo / imgur

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