one day some day i’ll have a white kitchen.  check out how the ceiling and floor emulate each other.


white walls are never boring.  how about a washi tape house for your littles?

white porch_La La Lovely

this would be my happy place.  3 books, a cup of tea and some writing for me.


i’m about to buy a bike and this one by linus has captured my heart (is that weird to say about at bike?).  does anyone have one or have any recommendations?

/  /  /  /  /  /

i needed a a dose of white today.  you know i’m a fan.  i think it is just in me.  it is my innate style.  i think about how years ago i was drawn to the shabby chic style and now i have no doubts why.  i love white, i love comfort and i love old things.  i’ve since modernized a bit but still love those aspects and incorporating the shabby in here and there.  it’s good to know your true style.

last night my sister gave me a book called Brilliant : White in Design.  i love it.  of course, there are so many stylish images, but what i loved was the sense of calm and serene that came from just gazing at the photos.  and, did you know that white contains all colors?  so, next time someone tells you white is not a color, you tell them . . . it is every color.

do you love white as much as me?

images : estherbreath of happiness / home life / misss pouty



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