summer endings


it’s the end of summer.  and let’s face it, i’m no good at endings (or goodbyes).  except for trips to the grocery store.  that end, i’m ok with.  but, summer ending?  mehh.  the idea of getting back into a rigid routine makes me cringe.   i love the leisurely mornings and the no schedule and the lack of rushing here and rushing there.  anyone else with me?

since it’s the last week of summer, i decided to take a break from blogging and play.  i’ll be over on instagram and twitter and if you need a hit of pretty well, i’ll be over on pinterest too, and there is lots of lovely there.

have you had a good summer?  what is your favorite memory this year?

here is to embracing my circus!  happy end of summer, lovelies!

xo . t

image: famille summerbelle


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