fave friday



* la la is wearing a coral + tusk necklace which i steal when she is not looking.  + this little corner at barista parlor was a fave of mine.

happy friday.  i’m out of words and energy here lovelies.  ever feel that way?  my heart was wandering an ocean away and while i mindlessly kept busy painting and  getting  back to cleaning my closet (this has been going on since the spring + i am determined to completely finish it).  i find cleaning out my closet to be such an emotional task.  anyone else agree?

so tell me how was your week?

i also write for euro style lighting  . . . and modern playhouse beds are what i’m talking about (and thinking about + wishing for)

and oh, we have a winner of from the blogABLE giveaway!

01 /   if you are going to garage sales keep your eye out for one of these (great diy)!
02 /  chocolate cake with pinot noir frosting?  never would have thought.  but think i need to try.
03 /  do you decorate without thinking?
04 / fascinating read on . . . facebook.
05 /  have you ever seen such a garden shed?

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  • holly
    Commented on August 16th, 2013 at 10:56am

    She is so lovely, and so is her necklace (I can see why you steal it)!

    Have a relaxing weekend~

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