la la loving


the smitten studio office space.


peanut butter cup pancakes.  i know i can’t help but, almost always, share sweet recipes.  they are the ones that look most enticing to me.  pancakes + peanut butter cups? why shouldn’t they go together?  and, vegan + gluten free to boot.


this quote has to be read a few times.  oohed over and then read again.  coming undone precedes growth.


this new family photo of the royal family.  pretty perfect, right?  i just cut my hair (as in yesterday) and now kate has me wanting to grow it out again!


the grand budapest hotel.  i must have been living under a rock because how did i not know a new wes anderson movie was coming out?  the colors were absolutely fantastical.  i mean look at that pink ombre hotel pictured above!   i can’t wait to see it again to just to really take in all of the amazing art direction!

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what are you loving this week?


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