La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

My Bramwell Brown Weather Clock. This is perhaps the coolest clock, I’ve ever seen. A clock with a barometer, to be exact. These classic and whimsical clocks work as all clocks do, however this one happens to have storybook-like illustrations of weather scenes (think sunny, rainy, stormy, change and very dry) that rotate based upon the barometric pressure. Not only do I like the clocks, I’m quite fond the British-based company–founded by a brother and sister team–and their great customer service.

I’m looking to live a little more analog this year, and my magical clock is the perfect first step in that direction.

A fireplace in the kitchen. Everything about this Edwardian English Kitchen, is simply lovely, but a hearth by the table–what could be better? Maybe, a big bookcase in close proximity. You can bet I’ve got this marked down for my one-day-some-day-house.

A craft, I think, even I could manage.  Simply, order the rainbow frame and wrap or weave or macrame. I could handle wrapping, like this. You too? And, anyways, I’m very much into rainbows . . .  child of the 80’s, and all that.

Abstract Painting Chocolate Cake. So cool, right? I definitely want to try decorating a cake like this! And again, I think I could manage. Perfection, need not apply. Also, this color combination is a current fave of mine.

This reminder. My mom dropped some words of wisdom on me the other day (which I shared here) that are helping me, on my continual journey, to stay put in today and to trust that God will supply what I need, when I need it (even the wisdom to know what to do–we don’t need all at once).

A childlike dinner plate. Seriously, these plates by La Boos, are serious fun. They separate different food groups and help with portion control (each section is labeled with a food group). I bet you are wondering what category the chocolate and cheese fall under? It’s called “favorites” … so it totally made sense to me. This was a snacky- Saturday, lunch, which did help me to portion my picking. I like to use this plate at lunch time for variety and fun.

Quick, fun, informative e-mails–I love those.

Here’s the thing, no one wants more mail in their inbox, unless it’s fun mail (I mean it works the same with our good old-fashioned mailbox at the end of the drive). Getting bills–not so fun. Junk mail–ughhh!!! A letter from a friend—bliss! There are a few e-mails that arrive in my inbox each week that I, absolutely, look forward to. I don’t view them as newsletters, because they feel rather personal and simple– a welcome break from shiny photos and endless scrolling. Rather, I enjoy the words (along with a few links) that catch me up on their lives and work along with ideas, encouragement, informative articles and, maybe a few favorite finds.

I like that kind of mail.

I figured you might too.

So, I’m starting The Weekly— a quick 5 things to know 
e-mail from me, delivered weekly. It’s bitesized and easy to digest, promise.

If you’d like to try The Weekly, you can subscribe here . It’s a content and catch up, I won’t be sharing elsewhere. And, If you find it’s not for you, simply unsubscribe at any time–no hard feelings.

The first issue goes out Thursday…I’m so excited!

+ + +

What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!


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