La La Loving

Gorgeous flowers

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .


these gorgeous flowers. The color combination is just perfection. If my printer could do this photo justice I’d print it out and hang it in front of my face.

Jo Rodgers Writing Desk

Jo Rodger’s Instagram account. It’s the color of my dreams, really. I’m not sure how I’ve missed following this Chicago girl turned literary agent, turned writer for Vogue living in London. My new fave Instagram follow, indeed.

La La Loving Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream Recipe

this vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe. I’d like to say that I’ve made my own ice cream but I haven’t. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite and, although, I haven’t had ice cream in almost a year, I’m not going to let summer go by without having any, even if it means making my own.

la la loving this darling up do

this darling up do. A scarf in the hair is, certainly, in my near future.

Finger Knit Trivet DIY

a finger knit rope trivet DIY. Perfect for a rainy summer day. Accompanied by a cup of tea, of course.

+ + + 

What are you loving this week?



  • lexi
    Commented on June 29th, 2016 at 7:45am

    I can’t get over Jo Rodgers’ instagram feed. SO glad you shared!

  • Trina
    Commented on June 29th, 2016 at 11:35am

    Me either. It’s a daydream. xo . t

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