La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

My Custom Star Map from Modern Map Art.

I’ve been eyeing these unique one-of-a-kind gifts for some time. The idea of knowing what the night sky looked like on a date that you never want to forget is rather dreamy and romantic. Don’t you think?

I chose our anniverary–which was many moons ago (21 years this month to be exact). I love having this keepsake–knowing what the sky looked like, the coordinates of where my husband and I vowed to cherish, love and honor each other is really rather special. That day truly was one of the most magical days that I’ve ever had.

I chose to hang the customized art in our bedroom (which I’m currently trying to spruce up a bit). I love that it looks modern, but has historical meaning. It makes me really happy to glance upon when I go to bed and wake in the morning.

I’ve also seen others get these customized posters for their children’s rooms–for the day they were born. I adore that idea too.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread. Who doesn’t love banana bread? I’ve been trying various GF options and have landed on a favorite yet. This recipe which includes almond butter (I’ll sub for cashew butter) and cocoa looks really decadent and delish. I’m gonna give it a go this week.

Blouses and bows. I’ve been really wanting to tie my hair back in a black velvet bow, but then I went and chopped my hairso would one of you please try this style for me? I’m also a major fan of a good classic white button up. Don’t laugh, but I always feel a bit smarter (in both definitions of the word) when I wear one. I think of my dad wearing one to work every day, starched to the extreme, with his initials, JCT, monogrammed on the cuff. My grandma, white blouse pressed, looking smart even when she had nowhere to go for the day. My mom, pairing her’s with denim, collar up, an 80’s brand name monogram on the pocket–looking classic and stunning in a Christy Brinkley kind of way.

I’m on the hunt for a classic one for my closet. I also love the more romantic varieties like this Ruffle Neck Blouse and this ruffle popover shirt.

No more people pleasing.

Caring less about what people think. I’m a lifelong people-pleaser (the “P’s” are hard for me–perfectionism and people-pleasing) and I’m working hard to not care so much what others think. While I hope others will like me, for me, I work overtime in my mind trying to figure out what those closest to me want and how to keep them happy as well as how my decisions might affect them…what decision will have the least fall-out or impact on others. Finally, I’m realizing that no matter what I do someone (at almost all times, “hello, having four kids”) someone is not happy with me. I still hate the “feeling” of it. It’s uncomfortable. But I’m slowly learning to make my own decisions, based upon what is best for me (and my family) and if others don’t understand or agree then there is nothing I can do about that. I’m learning to sit in the uncomfortableness. I want to really live “my life.”

A DIY house shaped chalkboard (and the best looking sandbox I’ve ever seen). It’s true I love anything house shaped, so naturally, this DIY caught my eye. We said goodbye to our ship shaped sandbox when we moved and our chalkboard walls (kid’s room + kitchen)–which I’m really missing). I hadn’t considered a free-standing chalkboard, but now I have.

+ + +


A few things I’m La La Loving from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:


*I got the Nike’s and Charlotte Tilbury Glowing Palette for my birthday and love them! The other items are on my wish list.

Anything, in particular, you are loving this week?

I’d love to know!


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