Joy, Sadness + Spending My Life Sharing Hope

Heaven knew we needed each other. In the 1980’s and the here and now. This is a story, a tribute, a mini-memoir, of my relationship with grandma who spent the last year of her life mentoring me. I feel a cavernous void. An emptiness that could swallow. Friday I rushed to the airport to fly out […]

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It’s Sunday. I wake up before anyone; only to doze off for a wild dream and abruptly come to – rendering sleep to where it now shall wait, the days end. I make a coffee. Decaf unfortunately. But because the headaches were even more unfortunate, I’m faithful and married to this hot cup of “I wish you’d wake me […]

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Before the House Wakes

Before the house wakes I gingerly shimmy out of bed, tip-toe into the kitchen, trying to step around the creaks and toy cars, to make my cup of decaf. I sigh, every single day, in remembrance of caffeine and it’s magical ability to take the edge off of morning and myself. I let nostalgia pass as I pour my hazelnut […]

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What We Do Have

I’m not so sure why it’s so easy to cast our attention on what we do not have, rather than what we do have? On the problem and all that is going wrong rather than what is good and right. And I’m not really talking about things here. I’m talking more relationally and maybe a little […]

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On Growth

On growth feeling like a never ending process that is taking you nowhere…. Read on, lovelies! On growth feeling like a never ending process that is taking you nowhere…. Read on, lovelies! Growth is a funny thing.  I always feel like it happens when we go and when we do.  I look at the word: GROWTH […]

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Where Your Feet Take You

I wonder where your feet will take you this week? I wonder what your week will entail? Do you ever spend too much timer wondering or worrying that you forget to wander? You forget to let those painted toes test out the waters because you’ve been planning your every step?     Some weeks have to be […]

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Offering Your Voice

Sometimes I feel I have nothing to offer. Not even as a mother. My voice feels small. Lost in all the noise. And I think, “Should I even speak?” “Is it a waste of breath?” “Of space?” I know it sounds dramatic, but I know some of you feel the same way, think the same […]

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