House Crush : Austin

Sometimes it starts with a bathroom, this thing I call a “house crush.” It can begin with any room or detail or color that catches my attention, really.  This bathroom, the old sink, the old copper faucet, the simple pine shelf over potty (we still call it in our house) are so unassuming and so […]

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My Mini Office Makeover

It’s been a while since I’ve made any updates in my home and I was itching for a bit of change. My little office space (which is in my bedroom) was starting to get cluttered and chaotic (see before picture at the end of the post) and so I chose that space for a little TLC. […]

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Cleaning All the White

Here is a question I am asked a lot . . . “How do you have so much white in your home with four kids?”  Followed by, “And how are you able to keep it clean?” My answer always sounds something like this . . . Here is a question I am asked a lot […]

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