valentines cards

  do you make your own valentines or do you buy them?  while, i would love to share with you some brilliant crafty cards i came up with on a whim, i am one of those that buys kung fu panda and hello kitty cards at my local walgreens.  we are usually traveling during february […]

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liam brave, age 4

  four.  i’m not sure about four.  four is that year where munchkins turn to (little) men.  somewhere in the year of four, you go to bed one night a baby, and wake up the next morning a boy.  and, the thing is, you never really know which night that might be.  you, though, liam […]

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la la loving / littles

a shared room that looks like this.  p.s. it’s also an ikea hack. this little tea party set up by rosie winstead’s daughter for her Borrower friends.  i used to stuff notes in our vents for the Little’s when i was little.   so naturaly, i love this and have a sudden urge to set […]

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luke, age 8

i often gaze at your sweet face and try to figure if it is your glass blue eyes or beaming infectious smile that lights up entire rooms.  yes, your eyes radiate life, still in it’s purest form.  and, your smile . . .  it is a window, wide open, giving voice to the happiness of […]

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wear it * winter water factory

have you heard of winter water factory?  i hadn’t, until recently, and truth be told i’m always happy to find out about new kids clothing lines . . . especially when they have great clothes for boys!  you too?  thought so. winter water factory is a brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed […]

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wish i was wearing / littles edition

sweatshirt / bobo choses bag / j. crew skirt / ugg boots the littles (or shall, i say two of them, have started school this week).  we are full on covered in uniforms, and truth be told i’m not a fan.  so i’m dreaming up a fun fall outfit for la la like the one you see pictured above. […]

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la la loving * littles edition

dressing up the dog.  ok, or just loving this dog.  and what kid wouldn’t? a permanent bunk bed fort.  remember the dining room table one? an afternoon snack?  yes, please. chasity’s home in the latest land of nod catalog. i love the work of roxi marj.  and particularly was taken with the noodle face she posted […]

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summer endings

it’s the end of summer.  and let’s face it, i’m no good at endings (or goodbyes).  except for trips to the grocery store.  that end, i’m ok with.  but, summer ending?  mehh.  the idea of getting back into a rigid routine makes me cringe.   i love the leisurely mornings and the no schedule and the lack […]

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la la loving : littles edition

  vacation souvenir jars.  i may possibly still have a few bottles of ocean water, circa 1994, in my basement (ok, i really do), as i had this same idea many moons ago.  however, this seems like a much better way + so much fun for kids.  it’s the labeling that gets me. a tablecloth […]

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fave friday + no naps

   happy friday lovelies.  has your week been everything you dreamed it would be or have you just made it through by the skin of your teeth?  i find myself in the latter of the categories.  while feeling a little scathed, however, i still find myself  feeling triumphant.  i managed another 3 days with 4 […]

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