Happy Friday + a Winner

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happy friday lovelies.  so, we are on vacation and it has been so nice with the exception of the snowstorm the other day.  say what?  that was kind of a site . . . the desert covered in snow.  i can’t wait to share some pictures from our trip and tell you all about it but for now i’m still gone for a few more days and hoping to soak up every second of it….which means a little less screen time.  and speaking of screen time.  do you find it hard to step away from the computer or put your phone down?  i want to capture every moment but sometimes i feel as if i’m actually missing “the” moment and that maybe i should just capture it in my mind.  that is a whole other conversation.  don’t you think?

a couple of things before i try to soak up the sunshine (the snow has melted…thank god):

+ i tried braiding my hair for the waves using this method but threw my hair up in the process (because i’m mildly obsessed with her at the mo) + kind of loved it (above).  and speaking of beauty.  i got the worst no chip ever.  like an entire nail (polish) fell off my finger + i didn’t even know it.  i’m totally wishing my nails looked like this today.

+ the winner (chosen at random) for the valentines / lindsay letters giveaway is natalie.  congrats + please contact me by e-mail.


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