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how was your week?  mine was up and down and everywhere in between.  ikea was our big adventure for spring break week (i know, kind of sad).  is it strange that my 3 year old thinks a trip to ikea is fun?  the day after, he said, “can we go back to ikea today?”  that would be my liam brave who looks like the little old man (above) and talks like one too.  we had fun just hanging around the house and playing games like pigeon, pigeon, ostrich (my version of duck, duck, goose) and jelly monster, which is a new game we made up.

and yesterday… yesterday was one of those where a whole bunch of random and pretty amazing things happened all in one day.  the kind of things that make you just stop and say, “really?  did that just happen?  how. did. that. happen.?”  and really, all you can do is smile and have a thankful and grateful heart.

01 / i wouldn’t mind one of these for mother’s day.
02 / do you lie to yourself?  a great article + #10 made me snort.
03 /  this collaboration is darling and i want them for my darlings.
04 / i really really want to make one or two or three of these.
05 / want to do a small thing to share #mightylove ?

also, you can read my 5 tips for successful collaborations here  and see some of my friday favorites over here.

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  • marisa
    Commented on April 5th, 2013 at 10:15am

    love this!! :)

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