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 strawberry splatters / grey goose / fariy sky / vigor / army of darkness

don’t you love when you come across a company that not only is selling beautiful pieces but is also doing really cool things?  i love the concept and mission behind birchseed which is to connect emerging artists and potential buyers.  birchseed works with emerging artists to create beautiful and unique home decor and accessories inspired by the original artwork.  such a great concept, right?

i’m excited to welcome birchseed as sponsor also to introduce you to their work as a potential customer but also as place to submit your art, should you an emerging artist.

birchseed is kindly offering 15% when you use the code LALALOVE15.

so do a little browsing, shopping and maybe even submitting.

images : birchseed

volcanic explosion art volcanic eruption pillow by jinboa han


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