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happy friday.  how gorgeous are these photos by white shutter (remember they photographed my family room)?  they recently shot some photos while they were out cutting down their christmas tree and it happened to a very foggy and moody day in the midwest (i love those kind of days, much to the misters confusion).  i don’t know about you, but i could use some calming gorgeousness like this right about now.

are you into the full hustle and bustle of things?  i haven’t really started shopping.  i’ve been organizing and links and gift guides galore, but i haven’t done any ordering myself.  it’s on the agenda for today, though.

while, things have been super busy, at the same time, i’m seeming to find a few moments here and there.  and by moments, i should say, minutes of being present.  i’m continuing to let go a bit and just go with it.  like the fact that my christmas cards have a misspelled word, which is totally my fault.  oh well.  i’m going to send them anyways.  and, yesterday i felt the most christmas cheer i’ve felt in 3 years combined.  i think i may have told you about our advent calendar?  i was late to the game and wanted to do something different.   so, instead of toys and candy’s each day offers a card with an action or a surprise (lets go see the christmas lights, do something nice for your brother, hot chocolate before bed, go to target and buy something for a child in need, watch the grinch, etc).  yesterday’s card said, “go sing christmas carols to the neighbors.”  the kids invited a neighbor friend and insisted on having candles, because that is what you do, and they went door to door.  and, in the freezing cold they completely warmed my heart.  i just could not stop smiling.  smiling and laughing.   neighbors were surprised and the kids loved it.  it think we may have just started a tradition.

whatever you are up to this weekend, if it is hustle or bustle or both or neither i wish you a happy weekend.  i hope you find some moments just for you and a some minutes packed with holiday cheer.

if you are still shopping (like me) be sure to check out our gift guides.

i also write for your euro style lighting.  you can read my latest article here.


01 /  a few secrets worth spreading.

02 /  wondering how to get good photos around all the twinkle lights? me too.

03 /  do you dress your tech?

04 /  these gloves.  someone buy them, ok.  thanks.

05 / these look perfect for a sunday morning.

06 / can’t wait to read this online publication this weekend.

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  • Alecia
    Commented on December 13th, 2013 at 1:18pm

    I love your idea for the advent calendar – such a great idea. And I will gladly but those gloves….so so cute.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Trina
    Commented on December 19th, 2013 at 12:12pm

    thanks, alecia… the advent calendar has been fun! hope you got the gloves! xo . t

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