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indoor / outdoor living.  i think it would be pretty amazing to live in a home where you could just basically open up a wall.  i’m loving everything about this home which is featured in the book The Inspired Home Nests of Creatives (on my wish list).  click read more to see the room with the track door up (sigh).

beautiful things quote

this quote from walter mitty, ” beautiful things don’t  ask for attention.”  this was the line i wish i would have written down when watching the movie.  i couldn’t quite remember the line exactly but i couldn’t get away from remembering the idea . . .  and then, look cocorrina created this beautiful desktop image and it found it or it found me.  i love this thought so much, and i couldn’t agree more.  true beauty doesn’t look for attention.


this photograph.  what do you see when you look at it?  i wonder who is really living.  the ones being watched below or the ones who took the ride?

wildley raw

the wildley raw instagram feed.  kelly is kirsten’s cousin and i dream of eating healthy when i spy her feed.  i also secretly wish that she could ship me food everyday.  this is an insta must follow.  who are you loving on instagram these days?


mr. selfridge.  anyone else watching.  i’m a total pbs nerd.  and, don’t tell anyone, but so is mr. lovely.  he may be wearing camo but he’ll watch pbs with me.

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what are you loving this week?




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