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ok, lets get to it and talk about shorts.  like or loathe?

people are passionate about the non-pants pants.  did any of you used to watch what not to wear?  the british version, and best version, that is?  with trinny and susannah.  those ladies were serisouly against shorts and i think it there style tips may have sorted my stance on shorts several years ago.

but, what about you?  if you loathe do you still wear them?  i know some people have totally given up on shorts, all together.  compeltely against them.  done and finished.  i’m feeling like one of those people (at least this year). i have shorts, and i wear them around the house or by the pool, but other than that i kind of avoid them like the plague.  i’m sure if my legs were longer, leaner and could catch a tan, than i might have a different opinion on the matter of shorts.

then there is fit.  i used to wear those bermuda length shorts because they covered up a bit more, but then found that with my shorter build that wasn’t doing me any favors.  so, i tossed out all my old navy long lady shorts and stocked up on the shorter j. crew kind (the 5″ chinos are my fave + a great length).  this year, i’d really like to find a loose fitting distressed denim (not too short).

click through for my fave picks which just assure me that we are living in 1990 2.0



i’m dying over this romper from anthro, because i bought, pretty much, this exact outfit from a swap meet in california when i was in 8th grade.  actually, as i’m so clearly remembering i also came home with the coolest pair of ripped denim shorts ever, that were a little over the top for illinois and grown ups at the time. and while, we are talking 8th grade – these are cool + remind me of my umbro’s – remember wearing those?  let’s just keep going shall we?  i love these – but hey – why don’t they call them what they really are?  skorts!  lets all just dress like it’s 1990 this summer!  here are a few of my fave picks :




while, i’ll keep a few pairs of shorts for around the house and have tos (like when it’s sweltering), i prefer skirts and cute sundresses, like this this striped dress .


madewell always has my fave dresses.  this leopard shift dress its tops on my wishlist.

tell me about your summer wardrobe.  do you wear shorts + what brand / style works for you?


images / laces & likes / damsel in dior



  • natasha
    Commented on May 28th, 2014 at 1:35pm

    I’ve never given shorts too much thought, then I turned 30 and whammo! As the warmer weather crept nearer I fretted, am I too old for shorts?? I even asked my boyfriend to tell me as soon as he thought I no longer had any business in shorts (a dangerous request I’m sure he’ll never see through!).

    I have decided that I am still OK with shorts, as long as you’re comfortable in them – whether they’re short, denim, linen, baggy – then they’re OK with me. Personally I like tailored high waisted shorts, I am a shorty and want to give the illusion of height!

  • Joelle
    Commented on May 28th, 2014 at 1:46pm

    I much prefer skirts and dresses too, but I have been known to wear shorts if they’re cute. I had a certain seersucker pair with tiny lobsters that I will definitely break out a few times this summer, but that’s probably it!

  • A Feteful Life
    Commented on May 29th, 2014 at 12:03pm

    I’m laughing so hard at this right now! I feel the same way about shorts (even the loose distressed denim ones I’m wearing at the moment) — whenever I wear them out of the house, I catch a glimpse somewhere and am like “What am I wearing!?” I prefer dresses for summer but have had such problems finding ones I like this year!

  • Ali
    Commented on May 29th, 2014 at 1:51pm

    Ah this one hit home. The secret is my friends… how you wear them. Riding so high your voice squeaks is never good..at any age. A pair of denim cutoffs with a classy BoHo top or vest and you are safe and stylish. x

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