Fall Faves

  Hi Lovelies! Fall is my favorite for clothes.  I always loved back to school shopping and I think I just never out grew the habit.  Even though it’s a season of leaves falling something always feels so new. My favorite buys for fall usually include a cozy sweater to keep me through the long winters […]

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Wear / Little Black Dress

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. I don’t know about you, but I like little black dresses any day and in any season.  I’m looking for a new dress or two and thought I’d round up a few affordable favorites to share, in case you might be on the look […]

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wear / running

i mentioned a few weeks back that i started running.  training for a half marathon, actually (i still find this hard to believe, myself).   it’s certainly been a process for me.  as of may, i couldn’t even run a half mile….so to be running 8 miles now feels overwhelming (literally) and also emotionally (i’m doing something […]

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wear / tattoos

i have no tattoos.  i just admire them on blogs and pin them on pinterest.  i’ve always said i’d never get one.  it has just never felt like me.  but, sometimes i secretly want one.  lately, i’ve been drawing one on my wrist.  taking my favorite black inky pen and just drawing out a word.  […]

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wear / flowy pants

i thought skirts were my answer to avoiding shorts this summer, but i’ve stumbled upon another option that has, surprisingly, turned into my favorite choice . . . flowy pants. i never thought to think in terms of flowy, floral type, pants because i wore them once upon a 1994 (ones super similar to these, […]

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wear / shorts

ok, lets get to it and talk about shorts.  like or loathe? people are passionate about the non-pants pants.  did any of you used to watch what not to wear?  the british version, and best version, that is?  with trinny and susannah.  those ladies were serisouly against shorts and i think it there style tips may […]

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wear (wish i was)

this outfit is really speaking to me.  perhaps, because it is simple and traditional.  or, probably, because it reminds me of my mom.  i’m 10, freckle faced and full of life.  i’ve just jumped off my bike and run in the house right before the sun sets, and there is my mom.  graceful and gorgeous, standing […]

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wear / gratitude

i’m still wearing sweaters and wishing that it was warmer.  my red polished, summer-time ready, toes are hiding out in depths of blue and aqua fuzzy socks that look like the sea and remind me that i’m far from it.  i’m housebound in the middle of the country.  although truth be told, i’m concerned about […]

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wear it / florals

i’m trying to usher in spring any way that i can.  it started with flowers in my home, floral wallpaper wishes, seeds in ice cream cones, and now i’m on to the idea of flowers in my wardrobe.   have you noticed that floral prints and patterns are on trend?  at least they are in […]

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