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father’s day is this week.  naturally, father’s are on my mind.  and, always, on my heart.

father’s are so very important.  not just because they teach us how to ride bikes and provide for us, but because they give us a name, show us who we are, and guide us into who we will become (intentionally or unintentionally).  they have a great deal to do with our identity.

i know with certainty, this is a soar spot for some and a shining star of a story for others.

my good friend corbyn has been beautifully telling the stories of father’s and children in a video series called the fatherhood project  (i’ve written about it before).  with each episode, i’ve found myself wide eyed and open hearted in front of my screen.

a recent episode, in particular, (which features the husband of a fave blogger – flower patch farm girl)  left me with room for expansion.  it made space in my compartmentalized thinking and more room in my heart.

the story shared is one of taking a risk to live a life outside of normal and one that is focused on helping others.

this can and does look different for anyone who takes risks like this.  however, any which way you do it, a life focused on helping others is a life well spent.  and, will always be one well remembered.

watch . . .

while, my growing up days, differed from this story, my constant view was one of my father giving.  he helped others by not holding too tightly to the fruit of his own success, but by sharing it, generously.  i am a giver because he was a giver.  it’s all i know.   and, it’s now what my kids are starting to know.

i think you’ll find yourself in this series.  whether it is in relating to how you were raised or how you’d like to do your raising.  mother, father, and child.

i’m curious  – first of all, is thinking of your father is happy or hurtful?  and, what is the one thing your father did right – or the greatest lesson you learned from him?

p.s. – corbyn is going to be on THE TODAY SHOW tomorrow sharing about this project.  i’m a little overly excited about this.  he has been a friend since 4th grade!   there is nothing better than watching good people succeed.  and, there is something even sweeter in watching someone succeed who does not spend their days chasing success, but rather spends their days doing good work and keeping at it, day after day.  please tune in tomorrow!!!!!!

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  • lisa thomson-The Great Escape...
    Commented on June 10th, 2014 at 12:27am

    He’s very inspiring Trina. Thank you for sharing this as a great reminder of the importance of fathers.

  • Janet
    Commented on June 10th, 2014 at 11:58am

    So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

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