la la loving


vines growing up the wall, indoors, as seen on planet deco.  why don’t more people do this!



this quote about travel via anoukb.  travel is the best decor in my home.  we have a similar styled quote on our wall, but i adore the size (it’s actually pretty small) and the placement of this one, wrapped around a corner.


coats and combats.  i’m on the lookout for a new coat and well i guess i’ve got combat boots on the brain.


coconut ice cream sundaes.  thank you, the jewels of new york for this perfectly delicious idea.


amy merrick’s photos of scotland.  i’ve got to get there one day.  i mean, really.  my great grandma was from scotland and i only think it would be right to see some of my heritage.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?


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